Kyle Foley

Chief Executive Officer

Hi! I’m Kyle. I think I'm pretty savvy with drones, considering I've chosen them over normal human roommates.  I started off with RC planes, but once I found out they fall apart when touched, I switched to drones. I actually built my first drone with a wooden frame, and lets just say that a five year old paper airplane could fly better. It's a good thing that I find building drones more fun than actually flying them—not that I can't fly them. I (actually) currently fly with an FAA section 333 exemption, and once I finish my Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University, I'm going to pursue a career where I continue to work with drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The legal department also told me I'm obligated to inform you I tell a lot of jokes that aren't even remotely funny.

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