Christian Felipe Merced


I was born and raised in a somewhat unperceived island known as Puerto Rico, in a city called Bayamón. I'm currently a sophomore aerospace engineering major at Syracuse University. I've always been interested in technology from a spectator perspective, so being a member of Skyworks gives me the opportunity to be more directly involved in a contemporary subject that is the concept of drones. Drones are particularly interesting from my perspective because of the usefulness they possess to achieve more than one specific role. That can include either improving hand-eye-coordination, snagging unique snapshots from a perplexing view, or (for more technical points of view) usage in surveillance. Currently, I am still delving into what their true potential can be, but I wish to use them for multiple purposes. As of now, I've only had some experience with the Phantom series.

One funny fact about myself: I get from most of my peers and friends that I have a joker-like laugh (which in a way, I take as a compliment... Because DC).

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