The Skyworks InstaMeet

April 26, 2016

Skyworks Project held a drone InstaMeet in Thornden Park during Earthfest.

A soulful legato echoed among the trees — an Eagles song was being performed before a crowd of sun-soaked onlookers, fiddling with their picnic blankets, kites and hula hoops. Today was EarthFest and as a Syracuse University crowd gathered in Thornden Park, Skyworks was there to attract some new recruits. 

On Sunday, the Skyworks Project hosted its first ever drone InstaMeet — an event to meet likeminded people and bond over a love of drones and Instagram. Members took everything from the big boys to the little guys out for a spin, catching the attention of a few bystanders along the way. It was a beautiful sight as everyone took to the sky at the same time, eventually capturing this group photo to memorialize the occasion.

Words and media by Chase Guttman.

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