That Time I Met the Team

April 10, 2016
Shira Stoll
Company Updates

My personal experience about joining Skyworks Project. Photo and words by Shira Stoll.

I found the team after I saw a post of a bunch of guys flying drones on Snapchat. It was 70 degrees in November, and the team had gone to Thornden Park to fly the SkyTether (a tethered drone project) and do some research on how long it would last. I walked over because I was curious, and I found myself learning how to fly that day.

I met some really awesome people who taught me all about drones. I spent a great amount of time talking to Arland Whitfield, as well as Kyle Foley, Will Carrara, Chase Guttman, and Elliot Greenwald, who are all beyond passionate about drone technology.

They were all extremely welcoming and I had so much fun that day. I posted a blog post on my own website (, about meeting them and Arland immediately reached out and wanted me to officially blog for Skyworks.

And so here I am, blogging for Skyworks. I couldn't turn it down because A. Drones are an amazing tool, B. The team is welcoming, supportive, and awesome, and C. I enjoy photographing and writing. So, I joined Skyworks.

There are some of my photographs from that day:

If you're interested in learning about drone technology, or if you just think drones are cool and you want to hang out with us, reach out! We love talking about drones, photographing with them, building them, and showing other people how to fly them. If there's one thing I learned from joining Skyworks, it's that we want people to be safe when flying. When teaching others, it makes us feel better that those we teach now really know how to fly and will fly safely.

There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had and we'd love to have you join us.

This was my personal experience about joining Skyworks, what's going to be yours?

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