March 2016

April 11, 2016
Shira Stoll

Drone Racing, Sodus Bay Lighthouse, Project Improvements.

This month, the team tested various projects, had our first ever drone race in Thornden Park, and we took a road trip to the Sodus Bay Lighthouse.

All of the drones that we flew on one really nice day in Thornden Park.
Elliot Greenwald's drone that he re-built and has been working on for the past few months takes off in Thornden Park.
A typical day in Thornden Park with the team.
Tony Shi about to take off with one of the Vortex drones with a FatShark headset on for a VR experience.
Will Carrara teaching Sarah how to fly with her new DJI Phantom 3.
The team testing different drones and fixing bugs that they find.


A snippet of our first ever drone race:


Chase, Shira, and Eric took a trip to the Sodus Bay Lighthouse over Lake Ontario.


Photographs and words by Shira Stoll. Last video of Sodus Bay Lighthouse by Eric Cola.

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